WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive 3.5 Inch

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WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive 3.5 Inch

WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive 3.5 Inch Designed for high definition, always-on 24/7 security/surveillance systems, WD Purple hard disk drives feature a supported workload rate of up to 180TB per year and support up to Up to 64 cameras, optimized to work most efficiently in surveillance systems. WD Purple 10TB 12TB,14TB & 18TB hard drives are engineered to support deep learning analytics in AI-capable internet video recording software featuring an optimized workload rating of up to 360TB/year,

The right drive for the job

WD Purple drives are engineered specifically to meet the demanding demands of 24/7 high-temperature monitoring systems.

Performance you can trust
WD Purple drives from the world leader in storage memory technologies are engineered for quality video playback when you need it most.

Expand your field of view to include 64 cameras

WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive 3.5 Inch

WD Purple hard drives are optimized to support up to 64 cameras, giving you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your security system.

For Seamless Integration
Because WD Purple drives come with a wide range of attachments and chipsets supported by leading manufacturers, you’re sure to find the right configuration and compatibility for your NVRs.

Simpler is better
Reducing power consumption is essential in always-on, high-temperature monitoring environments. IntelliSeek technology helps reduce damaging ambient noise and vibration.

Designed for Surveillance Systems
The WD Purple drive is designed specifically for both DVR and NVR security systems and is compatible with many of the leading security and surveillance manufacturers. We can help you find the optimal capacity for your system.

Trust your display system

WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive 3.5 Inch

Missing video frames and clips can be a serious problem when surveillance-related video clips need to be recovered. All WD Purple™ drives are equipped with AllFrame™ technology, which optimizes data streaming to the ATA standard to help reduce video frame loss, improve overall video playback, and increase the number of supported hard drive bays in NVRs. The WD Purple 10TB 12TB AllFrame AI drives feature a workload rating of up to 360TB/yr to support the deep learning analytics of AI-capable internet video capture software.


  • These drives are specifically designed to fit security surveillance systems.
  • Handles three times the workload of our desktop hard drives (capacities up to 8TB). 10TB & 12TB capacities feature a workload rating of up to 360TB/year.
  • Tuned for the write-intensive, high-stream, low-bitrate applications typical of surveillance systems.
  • The drive prioritizes writes to achieve the best possible monitoring performance.
  • Supports TLER & ATA streams.

WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive 3.5 Inch

Full specifications

2 terabytes
connection interface
General shape
3.5 Inch
Disk Speed (RPM)
Hard Drive Brand

Western Digital


4 TB

Hard Drive TYPE



Western Digital

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